Science & Technology

Investing Our Resources for the Future

Colorado recently became the new hub for research and innovation, with out-of-state companies looking to the Denver and Boulder Metro Areas to expand. The success of their research is closely tied to the facilities in which it is conducted. Saunders has made it a priority to focus on intricate science and technology projects, including life science/biotech research and development, clean rooms, advanced manufacturing, and laboratories. We’ve consistently been a chosen partner on some of Colorado’s most challenging science and technology projects. We bring the value, reliability, and integrity that is necessary for projects of this magnitude and complexity.

Our Expertise


Cleanrooms Built

We are a trusted general contractor who can manage and execute the intricate task of building safe and sterile cleanrooms for our clients.

$930+ Million

In Science & Technology Projects

We understand the unique tenant improvement features science and technology projects require, as well as the level of detail needed to build these projects successfully.

We have established relationships with several science and technology clients across the state of Colorado.

Science & Technology Projects