Safety at Saunders

Safety is the first thing we address — from pre-planning through closeout. Saunders provides continuous trainings, giving employees the right resources and tools needed to work safely. The cornerstone of our safety program is employee accountability and commitment to leading by example, as well as valuing and promoting safe behavior — both on and off the clock.

Saunders’ Safety Department is staffed with full-time managers to ensure safety management processes are fully implemented by our employees and trade partners at every phase of construction.

We continue to evolve our safety culture and behaviors — remaining at the forefront of safety best practices. By incorporating human performance initiatives centered around employee mental health and well-being, we’ve expanded availability of mental health trainings and resources company wide. Additionally, our employee-led Fitness Committee offers workplace wellness programs that promote physical, mental and emotional well-being.


Lost Workdays (LWD) Incident Rate

Worker safety is paramount and Saunders’ lost time rate proves our commitment to safety — consistently tracking better than industry standards.


Total Case Recordable Incident Rate (TCIR)

Saunders remains well below the industry average on OSHA’s safety metric of total recordable incidents in a one-year time period.

Our culture of safety and use of industry best practices prove our commitment to providing a safe work environment.

Safety, It’s on Me

The health and safety of all those associated with our projects is critical, because going home safe at the end of the day is the most important aspect to any successful project. Saunders’ safety campaign — Safety, It’s on Me encourages employees to have more conversations around accountability on our project sites. 

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