Sports & Recreation

Building Stronger Communities: Sports Facility Construction

As communities across Colorado continue to expand, cities and counties recognize the demand for recreational construction that encourages active, healthy neighborhoods and cultural diversity. From golf courses and indoor sports facility construction to multi-faceted recreation centers, Saunders has remained dedicated to building stronger communities since 1972. We’ve developed a deep understanding of smart recreational facility construction. Our years of experience are evident in our portfolio, and our knowledge in the industry has only grown.

Our Expertise


Sports and Recreational
Construction Projects

We have completed a variety of sports and recreation projects throughout the state of Colorado.


Aquatics Projects

Aquatic Centers, also known as natatoriums, require a contractor with the expertise and exceptional skill needed to plan and build these facilities not only to be safe for patrons but also be durable and resilient to condensation and chlorine.

We have a strong understanding of what goes into successfully planning and building sustainable, environmentally-friendly sports and recreation facilities.

Sports & Recreation Projects