Winning Game Plan: Technology + Quality

Posted On: February 13, 2023

“People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society.” – Vince LombardiSaunders approaches quality like we approach our business — as a team effort. One team, one goal – everyone wins. This mentality, which can stand in contrast to the stereotypical construction process, takes an experience from good to exceptional.

Technology Plays for The Win

Saunders Integrated Technologies Group (ITG) is changing the game plan of quality through the implementation of innovative technologies, which add value to our projects. As a proactive partner, ITG supports the one-team mentality — from preconstruction through closeout — by using different technologies to maintain design intent, save money, improve safety and schedule, and avoid costly re-work. This results in high-quality products and experiences.

For example, on Saunders’ One River North project, our team laser scanned each deck right before the concrete pour. It was less than one hour from the start of each scan to the time our project teams had actionable data. We were able to compare the fully coordinated models to the laser scan data — in the field— and fix anything that was not in compliance before each pour. Across the 16 floors of the building, we were able to check over 19,000 embedded items pre-pour, ensuring accuracy and quality

The technologies applied also increase engagement and accountability across disciplines. It opens the playbook, allowing all team members to see how their scope is critical to the overall success. By working closely with each other and the project teams on every project, Saunders’ ITG provides highly valuable resources to help get the job done

A Team Effort

It is no secret that when people work together, success almost always follows. True quality is a team effort and requires accountability. At Saunders, this means bringing trade partners to the table early, communicating expectations and establishing a common goal.

By doing this, we are creating collaboration — asking instead of telling, partnering instead of dictating. This comradery on a project cannot be understated. When you are all equally invested and accountable, critical processes like coordination, inspections and turnover see an exponential increase in quality

Watch how all these things come together for a game winning quality plan on the One River North project below.

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