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Saunders Brings Passion and Experience to Life Science Building

Posted On: October 13, 2022

Saunders has been working in the life science market for more than a dozen years, bringing knowledge around state-of-the-art lab space on projects ranging from university research facilities to tissue donation clinics. Through our experience, we know this project type requires the highest quality of construction to support the research and care they are destined to provide — and we are equipped with the resources and commitment to help our owners achieve this.

Life science work in Colorado is exploding. According to Mile High CRE, a local real estate magazine, the Denver-Boulder life science market is the fourth fastest growing market in the United States behind Boston, San Francisco and San Diego. The current demand for life science space in our market exceeds 2 million square feet. The Denver Chamber of Commerce is tracking 3,000 potential new jobs coming to the region through life science-related companies.

Life science projects are technically complex, often containing cutting edge building systems and laboratory equipment. The building HVAC systems are designed to exacting standards for temperature control, humidity control, cascading pressures and sound attenuation. The building infrastructure must be able to support changing laboratory equipment with varied head end MEP and laboratory gas requirements. The building structure usually requires unique design solutions to limit vibration, which can negatively impact research. Most projects require some level of clean room.  Additionally, Saunders must work with laboratory designers to create spaces that maximize future flexibility, ultimately accommodating the latest in laboratory equipment and research technologies.  

Saunders is uniquely positioned to bring the latest construction technologies to support the planning and construction of the most complex life science projects.  Saunders’ Integrated Technologies Group brings today’s cutting edge technologies to our projects including laser scanning, virtual reality and augmented reality.  Additionally, Saunders’ Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing services team supports the design coordination, quality control and commissioning efforts throughout the entire design and construction process.  These services ensure Saunders’ projects are constructed to the highest level of quality and ultimately function exactly as intended.

This work aligns closely to Saunders values — particularly Care. Without question, the work done in life sciences makes a positive impact on the lives of countless people and their loved ones. Saunders’ contribution to construct quality life science facilities in some small way supports the improvement of many lives — we are Building What Matters.

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