Saunders Services — Redefining the Industry Standard

We recognize that each client has a unique vision and culture. From developing your turnkey real estate strategy to managing your facility maintenance and energy performance needs, Saunders works tirelessly to forge a strong, trusting partnership that adds value. Our full continuum of construction project services coupled with our unparalleled development experience and community relationships assures your vision is realized with care, collaboration and commitment.

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Develop the Right Strategy

  • Commercial Development
    Commercial Development Icon

    Forged from over four decades of building community relationships and project leaders, Saunders Commercial Development is a natural extension of our core services. Saunders Commercial Development understands that trust, collaboration and expertise are foremost to a successful real estate development project.

    We draw on our integrity, persistence and an integrated real estate and construction platform to maximize our clients’ investments. Saunders strives to break the mold through our ability to streamline the complete development process coupled with our deep knowledge of each community and regulatory landscape.

    Led by an industry leading real estate investment and development team, Saunders Commercial Development provides a level of service that complements our world-class construction services.

    • Market Analysis
    • Due Diligence & Environmental Review
    • Entitlement Procurement
    • Planning & Design Coordination
    • Financial Underwriting
    • Debt & Equity Procurement
    • Fee Development
  • Site Selection & Entitlements

    Our established relationships with community leaders and planning and building authorities, paired with our site analysis services, allows us to evaluate site selection options and navigate the entitlement process simultaneously.

  • Public-private Partnerships (P3)

    Saunders is on the forefront of this unique project delivery method, which allows for a flexible allocation of risk and expedited services between the public and private sector. By providing a comprehensive develop, design, build, finance, maintain and operate platform, projects can be executed with an integrated approach by parties best able to understand and manage this risk over the long term.

    Saunders brings distinct expertise and relationships with local and international firms with a proven track record of success including equity investment, debt financing, operations, concessions, legal and more. We provide our clients expertise in the various P3 execution strategies, including the full continuum of real estate development, design management, construction management and general contracting, financial analysis and equity investment, and life cycle operational analysis.

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Plan for Success

  • Design Phase Management
    Design Phase Management Icon

    The greatest return on your project investment is realized by the successful and diligent execution during the design phase of each project. Saunders’ employs a diverse range of expertise to delivery proactive, real-time solutions during this critical stage. This includes professionals with proven success in sustainable design, architecture, structures, civil, mechanical and electrical systems, and one of the largest preconstruction teams in the region.

    Together with our ability to leverage the latest technologies, such as drone surveying and laser scan analysis, Saunders is able to deliver proactive solutions to assure your facility, operations and sustainability goals are met, on budget and on time.

  • Preconstruction

    Saunders’ preconstruction services team is one of the largest and most accomplished in the Rocky Mountain region. From early conceptual planning through construction and move-in, we approach every aspect of a project with an owner’s project success factors held paramount.

    We’re committed to balancing the often-competing objectives of design integrity, construction efficiency and operational continuity — all with an in-depth understanding of the challenges that owners often face.

    • Site Selection Analysis
    • Due Diligence Assistance
    • Pro Forma & Conceptual Estimates
    • Design Milestone Estimates
    • Real Time Cost Estimating
    • Entitlement Process Coordination
    • Project Planning & Scheduling
    • Value Optimization & Analysis
    • Life-Cycle Costing
    • Design Coordination
    • Design-build Management & Procurement
    • Structural, Exterior Skin & Systems Analysis
    • Constructibility Reviews

    Subcontractor Pre-qualification Form

  • Value Optimization & Analysis

    Delivering the highest value to our clients’ unique project needs is a continuous focus of Saunders design phase management teams.  Our strategy is founded on integrating a dedicated team with expertise spanning the full project continuum to continuously seek to eliminate waste, drive efficiencies, and leverage trusting relationships with trade and community partners. The services and tools we employ to optimize value on our projects include:

    • Web-based, collaborative design & constructibility review sessions
    • 3D Virtual Modeling of site logistical plans, phasing and building assembly solutions
    • Target Value Design
    • Last Planner System/Pull Planning
    • Sustainable Facility Strategies and Planning
    • 4D Virtual Scheduling
  • Environmental & Sustainability Planning

    Sustainability is embedded in Saunders’ culture and strategic business focus. We were one of the first construction firms to develop an annual Corporate Sustainability Report based on best practices from the Global Reporting Initiative.

    As one of this region’s leaders in sustainable construction, we are a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), which helps track current trends, standards and certifications.

    • Built over 50 LEED Certified Projects, Five of Which Achieved LEED Platinum
    • Employ over 60 LEED Accredited Professionals
    • On the forefront by building WELL and LEED Version 4 projects

    As a result of our extensive training and experience, our teams bring the most forward, advanced approaches to your project. Saunders focuses on cost-benefit analysis when reviewing energy saving goals and develops high-performance building solutions long before ground is even broken. We believe it is critical to be involved early in planning so we can best advise on solutions to meet our clients’ sustainability goals.

    • Sustainable Product Analysis & Cost Comparison
    • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
    • Energy Efficient Equipment Analysis
    • Exterior Envelope Review
    • Tracking and Recording LEED and WELL Points
    • Construction Waste Reuse & Recycling
    • Indoor Air Quality Management
    • Health-centered Design Planning
    • Commissioning
  • Project & Construction Cost Development

    Construction comprises one component of many that is required to successfully realize your real estate strategy. Leveraging Saunders Commercial Development with our core construction services, we are able to develop and manage the full range of project costs including entitlements, design services, move/transition services, legal, environmental and more.

Well-Oiled Construction Process Icon

Well-Oiled Construction Process

  • Project Delivery
    Project Delivery Icon

    Specializing in over 17 distinct construction niches, Saunders understands that each project requires a specific delivery approach. Whether serving as a construction manager at risk or leading the entire design-build process, we aim to provide integrated services delivered by proven leaders across the full continuum of design, construction and facility operations.

    We employ lean principles and the latest in virtual technologies to optimize value, eliminate waste and assure our clients are engaged throughout the project process.

    Our Express Services group focuses exclusively on projects ranging from less than $1 million to $10 million including mission critical, tenant improvements, new construction and operating hospital campus projects.

  • General Contracting & Self-perform Services

    In today’s specialized world, many general contractors have evolved into trade brokers and construction managers. Saunders is a builder, not a broker. We have a large, experienced field force made up of true constructors — talented individuals who know how to build and understand construction as an integrated process from the ground up.

    With more than 300 foremen, carpenters and laborers, we have the ability to self-perform the following critical portions of work:

    • Selective Demolition
    • Concrete
    • Rough Carpentry
    • Door, Frame and Hardware Installation
    • Fixturing
    • Surveying
    • Infection Control and Interim Life Safety Measures
    • Prefabrication
    • Environmental Management
  • Integrated Technologies

    Saunders Integrated Technologies Group includes a diverse team of architects, BIM specialists, quality assurance leaders, scheduling professionals, sustainable design and construction experts and MEP/special system managers. This team’s responsibility is to continuously collaborate to drive solutions for our clients’ project challenges.

    We strategically focus these efforts to close the gap between design and construction, make construction processes more efficient and to assure our construction teams are empowered to do it right the first time.

    Our proven methodologies are applied to achieve each client’s project goals, including:

    • Building and Site Laser Scanning
    • 3D Virtual Coordination and Communication
    • Collision Detection
    • Integrated 5D Cost Estimating
    • Point Cloud and Civil Surveying Virtual Design & Constructibility Reviews
    • Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) and Special Systems Coordination
    • Web/Cloud Based Collaboration
    • 4D Virtual Scheduling & Planning
    • Prefabrication and Structural “Lift” Model Management
    • Quality Control & Quality Assurance Management
    • Facilities Management Modeling

    Learn more about our Integrated Technologies Group.

  • Safety & Risk Management

    Safety is a way of life at Saunders for each and every team member. Our Safety Department, staffed by full-time team members solely dedicated to safety, supports the constantly evolving risk dynamics presented in today’s construction industry.

    We believe it is the primary responsibility of every employee to ensure we are fully implementing best practices, continuous training and safety management systems throughout every phase of construction on all our projects. Safety awards won include:

    • Construction Health and Safety Excellence (CHASE) Program
    • National AGC Safety Awards (NASA) program winner – multiple years
    • Safety Award of Excellence, American Subcontractors Association – multiple years
    • 2015 Large General Contractor Safety Award, Hispanic Contractors of Colorado

    The safety and well-being of all persons associated with a Saunders project is paramount. Saunders is committed to fostering an injury-free and safe workplace. Safety is a mindset where no injury is acceptable and working safely is not optional. Safety is personal to each of us and it is our duty to manage and maintain personal accountability.

    In November 2017, Saunders rolled out a new safety campaign — Safety, It’s on Me. This campaign is intended to add more conversations around accountability on our project sites.

    In addition, Saunders provides comprehensive risk management services for our construction projects including insurance program analysis.  We bring experience managing and providing Controlled Insurance Programs (CIP) and subcontractor default insurance.

Ensure Sustained Operations Icon

Ensure Sustained Operations

  • Commissioning
    Commissioning Icon

    The systems contained in today’s buildings are enormously complex and interconnected; and they have the greatest impact on our clients’ operation and user satisfaction. The commissioning process assures these systems are functioning as designed and to our clients’ user needs. Saunders’ commissioning process serves as an organized approach to confirm that the building systems meet their intended purpose.

  • Transition Management

    Saunders understands the transition into a new facility is one of the most critical and stressful components of the project process. Our construction teams are trained to support this process with proven best practices in move management, relationships with building authorities and a skilled workforce to ensure your transition to sustainable operations is achieved smoothly and efficiently.

  • Facility Assessment

    Over 90 percent of our work program is for repeat clients. Accordingly, we understand the diverse and ever-changing facility needs of our clients. Our team of design and system professionals, coupled with unmatched trade relationships, is brought together to provide facility and capital planning services.  From energy analysis to capital planning for your long-term facility needs, Saunders is able to deliver satisfaction long after completion.


  • Energy & Sustainability Management

    Commercial buildings are one of the largest consumers of energy in the United States. As one of the most experienced LEED and sustainable construction firms in the region, Saunders is able to develop turnkey energy management plans for our clients’ facilities.  Partnering with experienced trade and engineering firms, Saunders is able to develop life cycle sustainable facility solutions that benefit our clients’ bottom line.